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We help parents become better prepared to meet the needs of their children at no cost to them. We are here for you.


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We are here for you!  

We offer various workshops and training throughout the year to build knowledge and skills for families. We help you understand your child, youth, adult or family member with disability, and will walk side by side with you so that you get the resources they need, and the support you need. (LINK TO Events) 

Lost in Translation 
We work closely with each family to bridge the culture and language gap that can be challenging when working with hospitals, clinics, schools, and social services. 

Support Groups
Our peer support group offers families an easy way to connect with others that have similar experiences. Families can gain resources that build self-advocacy skills and  become empowered to make an informed decision for their family.  Come meet other families, learn about community resources and practice self-advocacy skills. 

You are Not Alone 
We connect parents with other community based services and resources such as local community health clinics, early intervention organizations just to name a few depending on the unique needs of each family. 

We Understand
Get one on one help with your questions and concerns about education, early childhood, behaviors, transition to adulthood, and more!